Teaching at Arizona State University
Introduction to Acting - THF101
Bridging Digital and Physical Realities - AME/THF 494/598
Creative Futures: Studio - HDA 296/496
Teaching Assistant
Design and Composition - THF215

Teaching undergraduates and graduate students in various courses that span performance, design, and production for stage, screen, phone, with a focus on XR and new technologies for storytelling.
Immersive Creation Studio - Production Guild
At the Immersive Creation Studio, a creative studio of 100+ students at Arizona State University, I led the Production Guild in developing immersive projects, personal upskilling, and training others in immersive production skills.  I built out our upskilling curriculum with students based on their interests and project needs, and focused the workshops we led to teach the rest of the student body through a larger project we built together.  The workshop series is split into four "tracks", each with their own curriculum and badges that students could earn towards their larger Immersive Production accreditation.
All the World a Stage
"All the World a Stage" is a practical workshop on the creative exploration of the world around us, navigation of publicly accessible space (both as an artist and producer), and the utilization of techniques developed by past thinkers and artists of the 19th and 20th century (from the flaneurs to The Situationists) for site-specific immersive storytelling.  Each session included an initial discussion, an exercise in psychogeography and "drifting", and the conception of new site-specific stories by participants.  Created for the 2019 Immersive Design Summit.

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