I love playing with new technology, am excited by learning new skills, and have an acute condition of curiosity about what it is to be human.  I write, direct, perform, produce, photograph, tinker, construct, and create.  Follower of fantasy, science fiction, cinéma vérité, dark comedy, magical realism, and absurdism.
         As an artist, I am an enabler of other creatives, and the divine/profane within a given performance or story.  Ultimately, role and medium are less important qualifiers for me than the team involved and the challenges or questions the piece poses.  I’m inspired by Eugene Ionesco, David Lynch, Sam Shepard, Spike Jonze, Tony Hoagland, Robert O’hara, Anne Bogart, Pina Bausch, and many of the artists I’ve worked with.  I find myself pursuing projects that allow audiences to see the fluidity of both their reality and the way a life can be expressed.  Because of this the work I commit to is often surreal, absurd, magical, or speculative in nature.  It is my belief that by revealing this fluidity of reality and perspective that people will be more willing and able to understand their fellow man, more open to new thoughts, and become more empathetic and fully realized human beings. 
People/Places I've Worked With
 Jerrod Carmichael, Extremely Decent, Mr. Toast, Show Off Dance, Upright Citizen's Brigade, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Westside Comedy Theater, IO West, JD Walsh, Pacific Repertory Theatre, Moses Storm, Ebony Repertory Theatre, Bangarang!, DJ GOJ!RA, Brownies and Lemonade, cARTel, Theatre Unleashed, The Groundlings Theater, Theater Underground, Clark Center for the Performing Arts, Fowler Museum, The Little Theatre, The Palladium, The Dragonfly, Three Clubs, Theatre Asylum, The Elephant Theatre, Combined Artform, and more.
Masters of Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary Digital Media Performance - Arizona State University
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Acting + Directing Bachelor of Arts from UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television
Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation Observership
3x Best of Hollywood Fringe Festival Award
Robert Stark Scholarship for the Arts
UCLA TFT Directing Award
Michigan University Creative Writing Award
Official Selections in Austin Film Festival, Series Fest, CineQuest, Fantastic Fest, Florida Film Festival, Cinema at the Edge, Director's Notes, Leeds Music Festival, BendFilm Festival, and Short of the Week