An attempt to extend the ideas around feminine writing to a virtual, sculptural
landscape and my own identity: eschewing the attachment of my face to my identity - converting it into a
landscape for others to plant their mark in, transform, and place their own virtual totems of gentle, poetic
identity and play. One can only see that it is my face after flying outward and away by typing “/fly” into the chat,
and zooming up and away from the surface they are walking on. Being the first person to this landscape, I
started the process of placing my own identity within it, placing scans of my desk, a large tree, some fruit, a few
small viruses on my chin, and a half-submerged unicorn farting into eternity. The full version of this landscape features some written notices and embedded audio of provocation and encouragement.
Splitting Hairs
An exploration of identity through queer temporality.  A character discovers itself - once, twice, thrice, and then once more.  Four pathways of self-discovery between two static characters in a three-dimensional world.
IDM Gather.Town
A love song to 16-bit retro arcade games, turned into a branching series of worlds loaded with interactive media, live streaming puppy cams, a working labyrinth, secret mushroom cavern galleries, a neon sun, and more.
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