An arts event series created by Matt Soson, the re:Mix series mixes performance art, visual art, music, dance,  and comedy to create a new kind of creative nightlife event.  
Each re:Mix features a new live and improvised dialogue between two performance or artistic mediums:  
Live painting inspired by standup sets, dance pieces inspired by famous paintings simultaneously projected and manipulated by a projection artist on the stage, and silent improvised comedy as inspired by simulatenously improvised live music.
Past partners have included: UCB mainstage team Bangarang!, DJ GOJ!RA of Brownies and Lemonade, The Showoff Dolls, Eddie Pepitone, Jerrod Carmichael, Moses Storm, and more.  The re:Mix series 50+ different kinds of performers and artists in different venues all over the city of Los Angeles

Dance Performance and Rehearsal Process

Standup Comedy Performance

First re:Mix recap

Featured Artwork

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