Cord, Ian, And Megan
Burnt has a problem.  His roommate Randy, an uptight Born-Again, has just found his stash and is calling the cops.  What's a just-trying-to-make-tuition drug dealer to do?  When Randy's little sister Gwen arrives, Burnt is forced to either bury the truth or bury himself in this vicious rush of almost-romance.
Written, directed, and produced by Matt Soson
Assistant Directed by David Hemphill
Produced by Priscilla Watson
Stage Managed by Tracy Tung
Set Design by Marika Stephens
Lighting Design by Sohail Najafi
Music by Megan Pfefferkorn
Fight Choreography by Eric Anderson
Featuring Taylor Solomon, Eli Trichon, Rachel Lien, Mikey Hawley, Megan Pfefferkorn, Ian Evarts, and Cord Jackman
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