Gold Coil
A character participates in the recording of its own creation; playing with light, foil, and madness.
Whish Fish?
An experiment in mixing live vocal performance with pre-recorded media, in a game-oriented experience, where audience must choose the "real" version.  A play inside of presence and discernibility between live and pre-recorded media, pitting the audience against their trust of me (the performer/narrator), and also against themselves (their own understanding of reality, their ability to interpret what is live and what isn't).
Pure Lust
A first experimentation creating a Pure Data patch with a Bela board, creating an interactive sex-ed bot that teaches consent and communication in a playful manner.
Panic Attack
A performance over Zoom - a mind splitting in anxiety, let loose into the body, performed with itself.
to Contain is to Change
An experiment in TouchDesigner, where the audience is directed to name what they say, thus changing the shape of a dynamic particle system through the sound of their voice.  To recognize and contain is to alter and destroy.
Replay Values
Two experiments with automatic live playback.  Playing with time, performance with self, reliability of performer to audience, relationship with digital identities, idea of "liveness" as it relates to temporality.
Touchdesigner Experiments
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