Concept, Producer, Director, Designer, Performer, Systems, Audio
Olivia Hernandez (Assistant Diretor), Adam Friedman (sound design), Cristen Fortier (costume design), Gbemileke Anthony (marketing and audience experience), Hanieh Khaleghian (courtyard design), Henry Beach (systems and lighting design), Ian Swanson (arduino coding and construction), Jessica Lai (technical artistry and software development), Reyes Morales (technical artistry and software development), Michael Searle (prop design), Zoe Purcell (courtyard design), Ryan Pottle (audio hardware consultant), Michael Armstrong (set design and construction), Julio-Cesar Sauceda (lighting design and construction), Aaron Toyne (animation), Jesus Yescas (digital environment design), Julian Silva (prop consultant), Amanda Federico (performer), and Mary Kenney (performer).  With consultation from Kat Primeau.
Cycle 7 is a 20-minute immersive theater piece that combines live physical performance and virtual worlds. The project explores the potential danger and benefits of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and the value of finitude within the human narrative, allowing participants a new perspective on the framing of their own mortality.
Set in a futuristic senior center, Cycle 7 places audiences within the experience of a resident suffering dementia near the end of their sixth life cycle.  As objects and exercises begin to trigger memories of the audience's former life cycles, the lines between reality and fantasy begin to break down, and they face the final decision.
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