Crooked Grin partners with entertainment juggernaut Panopticon Global and Art Share L.A. ( to explore the conflict between powerlessness and activism, between the evils we fight and those we participate in. For the first time, the 14,000 square foot complex of ArtShareLA was used as a complete performance space, as fifteen multi-faceted performers present an evening of raw, immersive, interactive storytelling. In this show, the audience becomes the activators, propelling the narrative forward, traversing through multi-universes of abstract, Labyrinth-esque characters and devised sequences of unexpected, explosive complexion. 

Written by Matt Soson & Vika Stubblebine
Directed by Jessica Salans & Matt Soson
Lighting Design/VFX by Najafi Design Group
Costume Design by Jessica Salans
Sound Design by Matt Soson
Scenic Design by Marika Stephens
Featuring Matt Soson, Jessica Salans, Emily Yetter, Taylor Solomon, Ben Huth, Will Holt, Madeline Harris, Kevin Railsback, Matt Jones, Mikie Beatty, Sharilyn Hernandez, Erika Soto, Amy Kline, and Karel Ebergen
Rehearsal Video
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